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The Rehband RX knee support sleeve is durable, thick, and pretty popular among the CrossFit crowd. This sleeve is best used for tough leg exercises such as squats and lunges, or it can be worn when lifting. This sleeve can also be worn on recovery days to help speed up the healing process. Some lifters also recommend it for powerlifting.

When it comes to knee sleeves, it can be difficult to find one that won’t affect your range of motion and won’t start ripping at the seams if you end up wearing it for all of your workouts. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the type of quality this sleeve has to offer.

Hands down, Rehband is one of the most well-known brands used in any CrossFit gym. These sleeves are known to be tough, allowing the user to lift more, for longer, and with better form. The flexibility, the warmth it provides, and the incredibly durable design are all what make this higher priced compression sleeve worth every penny.

Rehband Knee Sleeve Overview and Features

As you can tell, there is plenty of hype around Rehband knee sleeves, and for a good reason. They’re without a doubt some of the most popular sleeves used widely in gyms these days. But are they really as good as lifters claim they are?

In terms of price, these sleeves are on the upper end of the market, so if you’re on a tight budget, they may not be the best choice for you. However, many feel that because they’re so durable and long lasting, the price is really worth it in the end. If you’ve ever worn inexpensive knee sleeves to lift, then you’ll immediately recognize the quality this sleeve offers.

This sleeve is widely endorsed by CrossFit gyms all over the country. Given their popularity, there’s really no denying that this sleeve is top of the line when it comes to performance and quality.

This sleeve is made from a hundred percent neoprene material that’s 5mm thick. 5mm can offer the right amount of thickness for most lifters. It provides ample support without hindering mobility during a workout.

Feature List

  • Durable & thick
  • Best on budget
  • 5mm Thick
  • Hundred percent neoprene material
  • Best for CrossFit gyms

Rehband takes pride in the fact that their compression sleeves are known for their durability. These sleeves are made and designed in Sweden. Most lower priced sleeves only last for a few months with regular use, but many buyers who have purchased products made by Rehband claim they have been using the same knee sleeves for many years.

Considering all the sweat absorbed and the movement during a workout, the longevity of the material used is really nothing short of impressive. Take a moment to check out the stitching and you’re bound to notice the fine craftsmanship that works to keep the sleeves intact.

The sizes available range from extra small to extra extra-large. In order to determine the right size for you, locate the middle of your knee cap and measure about six inches down to your calf. Next, measure the circumference around the end point. This sleeve will fit very snuggly and won’t affect your mobility. We recommend going a size smaller than what you normally wear. With a total of seven sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect fit.

If your goal is to give your knee a sweat bath, then this is the sleeve for you. With 5mm thickness, it will definitely do a fine job of warming the knee area while keeping the joints well lubricated and loose. This is why it’s so important to air out neoprene sleeves after every workout.

Knee Sleeves Pros and Cons


If you feel like your knees aren’t up for a workout, slip on this sleeve and you’re guaranteed to do your personal best without the pain. This sleeve will get you through leg day with no problem and comes highly recommended by gym goers all over the country. The sleeve is a great buy for people who suffer from chronic pain.

It can also help to significantly reduce recovery time. Knee pain and swelling will dissipate much faster if you wear this sleeve during a workout and on your recovery day if you feel any soreness or strain in your knee.


We can honestly say there aren’t many drawbacks to buying this sleeve. Neoprene material is known for its odor and moisture absorbing abilities. So, if you tend to leave your sleeves in your gym bag for a long period of time you’ll find that it can cause the other clothing and gear in your bag to smell. Right after a workout, be sure to air the sleeves out. This will help to prevent bacteria and moisture from accumulating and will work to release the odor. Be sure to wash your sleeves in a mild detergent once or twice a month at most. Some lifters find that using a gentle disinfectant can be helpful when it comes to keeping the sleeves odor-free and clean.

Another common complaint is the price tag. This sleeve is on the expensive side, but when you look at all it has to offer, we feel that the price is more than fair for the type of quality you’re getting.

Some users complained that the brace can be uncomfortable and unnecessarily thick for running or other types of cardio activities. We also found that it was too hot to wear during the summer months.  If you're searching for a lighter sleeve for running or light lifting, we recommend the Emerge Fitness knee sleeves.

RX Knee Support Sleeve Conclusion and Rating

This model by Rehband is definitely a keeper. Wearing this sleeve will lubricate the joints well enough for as much thrusting and squatting as you can handle. And you can expect it to last you for several years to come. If durability is your priority, you know you’re getting your money’s worth here. It will help to keep your endurance going regardless of how much you’re lifting. Lifters who purchased this sleeve gave it a rating of five out of five stars which make it our top rated product and one of the best knee sleeves on the market.

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