Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeve – One Of The Most Popular Knee Support Sleeves For Squats

This pair of knee sleeves by Nordic Lifting are primarily designed to reduce the risk of damage and to protect the knees from future injury. Wearing these sleeves is ideal for people who are actively putting their knees under stress due to weightlifting or running. These sleeves add compression that works to create warmth, limiting the movement of the patella, encouraging blood flow, increases proprioception, and provides mechanical support.

Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve by Nordic Lifting - Rundown and Features

You’ve probably seen other people around the gym, sporting flashy, bright black and blue knee sleeves. Which has led you to wonder about the benefits of wearing these sleeves while lifting. Are you experiencing discomfort or pain in your knees when you lift? If the answer is yes, then it’s important that you identify the underlying cause, whether it’s due to working out too much or using poor form. Do you have ongoing pain due to mobility issues or tendinitis, or are your movement patterns off? If any of these issues describe you, you should try to tackle these issues first, otherwise wearing these knee sleeves will only work as a temporary fix.

Warmth, Compression & Support That Help You On Leg Day

These neoprene sleeves provide the right amount of warmth and compression, keeping your knees feeling snug and comfortable. When you purchase a pair, you’ll notice right off that you experience fewer knee issues than you have in the past, so you’ll probably end up wearing them for almost every workout session.

These knee sleeves are only needed for exercises that place significant stress on the knees. Exercises that involve the knees include clean and jerks, snatches, squats, sumo squats, and goblet squats.

These sleeves should always be worn on leg day, especially if you work on your legs more than once a week. When you wear these sleeves, your knees will feel warm, will never stiffen, and you won’t have to worry about any restrictions with your range of motion. You’ll also be more conscious of your muscles because you won’t be focusing on knee discomfort or pain. What’s even better, you’ll wake up the next day free from the knee pain you’ve grown accustomed to during those rough workout days. This can lead to you changing your workouts as you notice new progress because there’s such a huge difference in how you approach leg days. You’ll be able to go heavier, do more reps, and sets. You will also be able to squat a little deeper on those heavier sets because you’ll feel more confident and supported.

Feature List

  • Premium Quality Fabric
  • Pro Design & Soft
  • Six Different Sizes
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Lasts Long & Easy To Wash

These sleeves are made from neoprene and can be used for several months before they need to be replaced, just as long as you take care of them correctly. After a workout, wipe them out. They’re actually machine washable, but many lifters prefer to wash them by hand.

Overall, these sleeves offer a great fit, won’t tear at the top and provide mild compression and warmth.

Neoprene Knee Sleeves - Pros and Cons


Movement and lifting can take a major toll on your body. This is especially true when it comes to the knees. As you lift more weight, move more mass, the body will tend to slowly develop progressive tendonitis. Take a look around at competitions or when you’re at the gym. How many people can you spot wearing knee sleeves? Whether you’re squatting or performing lunges, these sleeves can offer additional support for both repetitive movements and when lifting heavy.

The advantages of incorporating these sleeves into your competitions and training sessions are relative to your technique, form, athletic background, and age. A pro and a beginner can benefit from the added longevity and support provided by these sleeves. Keep in mind that these sleeves are a training aid that should be used to prevent injury. It’s important that you continue to work on your technique and movement while wearing the sleeves.

These knee sleeves are available in six different sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large. The sleeves can extend lower and higher from the knees, and feature two Velcro stabilizing straps and an open patella.

You’ll enjoy the type of compression and increased mobility you’ll experience when wearing them, not to mention those pain-free recovery days right after leg day.

While for some, these sleeves are priced a little high, compared to their competitors, we found that Nordic Lifting offers a more reasonable price for the same type of quality.


When you first wear these sleeves it can feel a bit awkward. If you don’t pay attention to the seam lines and wear them off center, which will cause the sleeves to pinch for a while. This may also be due to a poor fit. Pay special attention to the manufacturer’s sizing chart which you can find on Amazon or on the Nordic Lifting website. Some buyers felt that the sleeves weren’t supportive enough to be worn with heavy lifting. However, if you’re looking for great support while lifting a moderate amount of weight and the ability to still enjoy a full range of motion, then these sleeves are a great choice.

Another downside to these sleeves is that odor can accumulate after wearing them only a few times. So, if you decide to buy these sleeves, wash them often or perhaps invest in a second pair. Your nose will thank you and so will everyone at the gym.

If you’re looking for a knee sleeve that’s more designed for the powerlifter, we recommend checking out the Rehband Rx Knee Support sleeve.


Once you wear these knee sleeves during a workout, you’ll wonder how you ever worked out without them. You’ll finally be able to get through a leg day without grimacing in pain. But even if you do experience any pain the day after, or more commonly, two days after, you can wear them to speed up the recovery process and soothe any pain and soreness. If you work out often, we recommend purchasing more than one pair, so you’ll always have a set that’s ready to go if your other pair needs to be washed.

Lifters who purchased these sleeves gave them a rating of four out of five stars for the tight fit, stabilizing straps, and overall quality.

Most pros do recommend knee sleeves for all advanced and intermediate lifters as the amount of support they offer really can help to hold the knee in place, preventing injury. Basically, the right equipment, the right form, and compression sleeves for the knees can equal better efficiency and increased strength in the long-term.

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