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Does the thought of going to the gym put you off? Could it be the long commute you have to make each day? Or, are you tired of paying high gym membership fees? Why not set up your garage gym? Yes, a garage gym is accessible and cuts out the commute or waiting for equipment. Plus, you can make a personal statement with your studio and make it appealing for your family and friends to pursue fitness goals.

Unlike a public gym, your garage gym will have limited equipment choices depending on your budget and available space. That’s why; you need to make an informed buying decision as you shop for the best garage gym equipment. In this guide, we’ll take you through the must-have gym equipment for your garage, where to find them, packages, and how to shop on a budget. Let’s get to it!


Why a Home / Garage Gym Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Building a home / garage gym is too expensive! NOT TRUE!

A home / garage gym can cost as much as you are willing to pay. There are garage gyms for $100 up to $100.000. So if you are on a low budget get started with some basic equipment and then take it from there. 

Buy as many items as possible at once to save on shipping!

Why You Should Build a Home / Garage Gym

First of all, you DON'T need a home / garage gym. 

But you want to meet your goals, and we have found that the best way to do this is by having your own home / garage gym. 

Having your own garage gym equipment is a great way to sneak in extra workouts or a quick workout. 

Check out our products and get yourself a garage gym!

What advice would you give someone when setting up a home gym in your garage for weight training?

You should definitely consider some things BEFORE you set up your home / garage gym, for instance: 

1. Motivation: Having your own gym at home / garage will test your discipline, so make sure you will use it!

2. Space: You need to have enough space otherwise it will always be on the way and you will not enjoy it. 

3. Safety: You will be by yourself so make sure you know what you are doing. 

These three of the most basic advice we can give you. Look for quality equipment more than cheaper equipment. 

The Must-Have Garage Gym Equipment

The following are the essential garage gym equipment for any home gym.

garage gym equipment - power racks
working out in garage gym

Power racks

  • Squat Racks
  • 1000-series Racks
  • 4000-series Racks
  • 5000-series Racks
attachments power racks - garage gym

Power racks attachments

  • 1000-series
  • 3000-series
  • 4000-series 
  • 5000-series 
battle rope workout - garage gym
working out with battle rope - equipment garage gym


  • Battle Ropes
  • Jump Ropes
  • Rope Strap Anchor
  • Wall Mount Anchor
  • Sleeve Battle Rope
pull up system - equipment garage gym
equipment garage gym - pull up system

Pull up systems

  • Wall Mount
  • Free Standing
  • Pull Up Bands
  • Grip Attachments
steel parallettes

Steel parallettes

  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Work Out in Safety
  • Designed for Versatility
  • Great Grip
  • Take Them Anywhere
bench to your garage gym

benches, sleds & ghd

  • Adjustable Bench
  • Spotter Platform
  • Flat Bench
  • Comp Flat Bench
  • Leg Attachment
garage gym - medicine ball

medicine ball

  • 4lb - 40lb
  • Grip Construction
  • Highly Durable Build
  • Premium Design
  • Impact-Absorbing Build
bars and plates - gym equipment

Bars & plates

  • Packages
  • Bars
  • Olympic Plates
  • Storage
  • Weight Lifting Accessories













Other Essentail Equipment For Your Garage Gym

plyometric box for your garage gym

Plyometric Boxes


A plyo box is a versatile tool available in various shapes and materials to suit different workouts. You can use it to build strength while tapping into your bodyweight only. For, every gym owner should include plyometric training machines to build power and speed. Here are some exercises that you can do with your plyo box.

  • Step-Ups
  • Step Up Step Down
  • Leap Frogs
  • Knee Tucks
  • Glute Bridges
  • Box Shuffle
  • Box Jumps
  • Box Squat to Jump
  • Tricep Dips
  • Tricep Push-Ups
  • Pike Push-Ups
Dumbbells for your garage gym



Dumbbells are excellent for lateral raises, bench presses, and curls. And, when your exercises and routines become monotonous, you can get creative with your dumbbells. Think of doing windmills, bent presses, or straddle presses. The list is endless for a creative mind.

kettlebells for your garage gym equipment



When you want to push yourself to the limits using kettlebells for presses, swings, shrugs, rows, or snatches will improve your performance. This equipment will improve your flexibility, core power, coordination, and balance. Here are fun total body workouts that make use of kettlebells.

  • Kettlebell Sumo Upright Row
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  • Kettlebell Lunge Press
Must have equipment - Barbells garage gym



Barbells are a must-have if you are training for powerlifting, CrossFit, or any other competitive sport or free weight training. This equipment is the stretched version of dumbbells. Hence, they will supplement your bicep curl, overhead press, squats, bench press, or deadlift. In contrast, bumper plates improve the lifter’s flexibility. Plus, the lifter can always safely drop them when they get too heavy.

Essential equipment for your garage gym

Pull-Up Bars


Pull up bars are suitable for smaller gyms. Unlike the massive steel cages, these racks and rigs need no additional equipment to attach to the garage space. They are stable, affordable, and take up minimal gym space.

Places Where You Can Find Garage Gym Equipment for Sale

Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness has a range of garage gym equipment that includes power racks, pull up systems, ropes, steel parallettes, benches and sleds, bars, plates, and medicine balls. All these gear have a sturdy construction, durable build, and premium features for a modern gym. The online store has ample safety gear like the knee compression sleeves that pro lifters recommend to prevent injuries.

Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory is a long time gym equipment distributor in the US. It stocks equipment from various renowned brands, including Octane Fitness, True Fitness, and Stairmaster. If you are setting up your home gym for the first time, Gym Source has consultants ready to take you through the design, stocking, to maintaining your studio.

Garage Gym has at least seven outlets in the US where you can get reliable garage gym equipment. Each of these stores stocks a wide range of commercial gym gear and their accessories. Further, the retailer offers a leasing program that charges zero-interest for the first 36 months.

Can I Have Fitness Equipment in My Garage Gym?

Yes. With adequate planning, anyone can fit treadmills, weight machines, elliptical trainers, or free weights in a garage gym. To do so, you’ll need to take into account the following factors.

What are your fitness goals?


Your fitness goals will help you set priorities on which gym equipment to buy. Do you want to strengthen your muscles, lose weight, or work on your cardio? Common fitness goals include losing fat, building muscle, strengthen the body, build endurance, body toning, better flexibility, and perfecting athletic skills.

home much space do you have?


Gym equipment retail in varying sizes and weights depending on the brand. You need to confirm that they can fit your gym. Likewise, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the required fitness machines as per your fitness goals. For example, if you plan on doing diverse workouts, you’ll need more equipment hence a bigger space. Also, decide whether you will use portable machines so that you can store them away after practice. Or, you want your garage to be a permanent gym with fixed training gear.

what is your budget and skill level?


Different gym equipment brands target high-end, intermediate, or beginner users. Hence, their price tags will vary significantly. Know your skill level, then get gym equipment that is within your budget limits.

Looking for A-List with The Best Garage Home Gym Equipment?

Now, your garage home gym equipment is any gear that you can use for your home workout. But, when you are focused on getting results in a particular timeframe, you want to use A-List gym equipment that will deliver. As you shop for such gear, take note of the following attributes.

  • Cardio Equipment – Your A-List cardio machines should simulate outdoor cardio activities like walking, cycling, and stair climbing, allowing you to practice away from the elements. They may be motorized, programmable, have add-ons, or have any other features that will measure, monitor, and set daily targets for your cardio metrics. At the Home Workout Labs, you’ll find a wide range of cardio equipment from reliable brands. This equipment has durable accessories, easy to follow user manuals, and interactive user interfaces.

  • Strength Equipment – Your choice ankle weights, exercise mats, hand weights, or resistance bands and tubing should be portable and affordable. If you are a beginner, you’ll only need the basic resistance bands and a few weights until you are comfortable with the training.

Should I Buy Cheap Garage Gym Equipment?

When you are on a tight budget, go for affordable garage gym equipment, not just cheap gear. Indeed, getting affordable equipment is about strategy. You want to have gym equipment from a reputable brand, safe to use, and last long.

In contrast, cheap gym machines may malfunction and injure the user. Plus, the cost of repairs and maintenance may be too high. You may have to replace them altogether.

Then, find out from your favorite store whether they have an upcoming promotion, discount offers, or any other payment option that is affordable to you. Never compromise the quality of your gym equipment for the price tag.

Garage Gym Equipment Packages

Are you unsure of what best garage gym equipment to get for your home gym? Why not go for a garage gym equipment package? Here, your retailer will craft a custom quote that includes all the essential machines you’ll need for your fitness goals, skill level, training style, and budget.

With such an option, you can rely on the professional choice to get the results you want. These packages will save you time and money. Plus, you will have 24/7 customer support to ensure you get the most from your purchase.

FInal thought

Are you ready to build your garage gym? Remember, this is a long term investment in your health. You do not want to compromise it. Pick the best garage gym equipment from a reliable dealer.

Ask the retailer to recommend brands that have high-quality budget-friendly equipment. Plan to buy once. That way, you will save on shipping costs for the heavy machines. Finally, avoid any gimmicky gear. Instead, aim to get all the essentials for your home gym.