Emerge Fitness – Compression Knee Sleeves Review

Emerge Fitness is a company that produces supportive knee and elbow compression sleeves, bands, wraps, and much more. They’re also one of the top sellers of knee sleeves on Amazon. Due to their popularity, we were eager to put these knee sleeves to the test to see how they stand up to the competition and how they stacked up against heavy lifting, squats, and lunges.

Knee Compression Sleeves Assessment and Features

With this package, you’ll get two knee sleeves, both of which measure in at 7mm thick for the most strength, durability, and flexibility. A sleeve with this type of thickness is supposed to provide support for snatches, squats, and heavy cleans. These sleeves also provide the type of flexibility needed for light-load high-intensity workouts.

The sleeves are incredibly easy to put on and remove, however, they’re also able to stay in place even when doing higher rep squats. The amount of support the sleeves provide is about adequate. The freedom of movement you’ll enjoy with these sleeves is what we expected from slightly less supportive sleeves when compared to sleeves that are more rigid.

Lifters who are looking for a sleeve with more support and a rigid feel may find that these sleeves are too light. Lifters often look for more support when rebounding out of heavy cleans and squats. With that being said, these knee sleeves do allow for fluid movement during a workout, as the level of compression is enough to keep them firmly in place, without restricting extension and knee flexion.

Feature List

  • 7mm thickness 
  • Heavier durability & flexibility.
  • Well-designed
  • Light & thick Sleeve

This company offers their neoprene knee sleeves in a thickness of 7mm, in one color: black.  The size of the sleeves is comparable with other leading brands, so you’ll enjoy a good fit.

The cut and seams of these sleeves allow for a snug, tapered fit, one that will stay put during a tough workout. The neoprene feels soft and features a good amount of stretch in order to allow for easy application and removal.

Typically the average lifter will use these sleeves to support knee stability on leg days. Usually, heavier duty sleeves that are much stiffer will be the power lifter’s go-to model. These sleeves are definitely not ideal for power lifting. For one, while thick enough, they just don’t offer the type of durability that would make them able to withstand regular powerlifting sessions.

However, these sleeves are still well-designed and can help the wearer to build confidence during light to moderate weight training sessions. They can also provide much-needed compression, working to keep the knees warm, the joints lubricated, and the blood circulating like it needs to during a stressful workout routine. These sleeves are also not ideal for competitions unless you plan to lift light.

These sleeves will work to provide light warmth and joint support. They also allow the wearer to move freely, without the sleeve inhibiting mobility. Since lifters often catch weight at the bottom of a squat, it’s very important that the sleeves they wear don't limit their ability to achieve depth. Because these sleeves are not quite as stiff as the type of sleeves normally worn by powerlifters, you’ll be able to squat lower, which means better workout results. Also, a lighter sleeve will be useful for lifters who prefer taking longer rest times, because this sleeve will remain comfortable, yet it will still be able to maintain joint warmth between sets.

HIIT enthusiasts, runners, cardio bunnies, and light lifters can utilize these sleeves to meet their specific needs. Lifters and people who do HIIT will perform a variety of movements throughout the duration of their workout, so a sleeve that is this flexible and versatile will be the best choice. Remember, the fit, design, and support, will all play a crucial role in how the sleeve will impact the user’s workout. As an example, someone who normally does an aerobic workout will need a more flexible sleeve so they don’t feel limited or confined like they would with a stiffer neoprene sleeve.

Knee Sleeves Pros and Cons


If you feel like your knees aren’t up for a workout, slip on this sleeve and you’re guaranteed to do your personal best without the pain. This sleeve will get you through leg day with no problem and comes highly recommended by gym goers all over the country. The sleeve is a great buy for people who suffer from chronic pain.

It can also help to significantly reduce recovery time. Knee pain and swelling will dissipate much faster if you wear this sleeve during a workout and on your recovery day if you feel any soreness or strain in your knee.


We can honestly say there aren’t many drawbacks to buying this sleeve. Neoprene material is known for its odor and moisture absorbing abilities. So, if you tend to leave your sleeves in your gym bag for a long period of time you’ll find that it can cause the other clothing and gear in your bag to smell. 

Right after a workout, be sure to air the sleeves out. This will help to prevent bacteria and moisture from accumulating and will work to release the odor. Be sure to wash your sleeves in a mild detergent once or twice a month at most. Some lifters find that using a gentle disinfectant can be helpful when it comes to keeping the sleeves odor-free and clean.

Pros: Ultimately, you really can’t beat the price for a pair of knee sleeves, especially if you’re new to lifting and on a very tight budget. While many of the features the sleeves offer are considered average, they’ll last you for several months and are priced more affordably than competing models that are offered at a higher price.

Cons: We noticed these sleeves seem to be a bit shorter than other models on the market. This results in a little less material covering the areas above and below the joint, which can affect the overall fit for taller lifters. While most buyers didn’t have many issues with the length of the sleeve, we can see that potentially there could be a problem with the sleeves slipping during a workout for taller wearers.

The sleeves feel, look, and perform generally how you would expect a sleeve of this thickness to, while their overall durability is average, which makes them a fair investment. The company offers a hundred percent lifetime guarantee, stating that in the event that their sleeves don’t meet your standards then they will refund you in full.

When it comes to pricing, it’s comparable to many other models on the market, however, they are slightly more affordable than some of the more rigid sleeves that we’ve looked at. Personally, we felt that these sleeves were a good choice for a beginner or for people who are new to using lifting accessories and want to experiment with different fits and thickness levels in order to find the best type of fit for their workout routines.

If you’re looking for a more supportive set of sleeves, we recommend the Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves.

Knee Sleeve by Emerge Conclusion and Rating

The Emerge Fitness knee sleeves basically met our expectations for a pair of sleeves in this price range. They’re flexible, feel tough, and offer enough support for a lifter that works with a moderate amount of weight. Lifters who purchased these sleeves gave it a rating of four out of five stars for rigidity, pricing, and overall quality.

The cut and seams of these sleeves allow for a snug, tapered fit, one that will stay put during a tough workout. The neoprene feels soft and features a good amount of stretch in order to allow for easy application and removal.

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